Defence Vehicles in Egypt

MSPV is a Defence Vehicles Manufacturer, designs and builds high performance defence trucks. We are design, development and manufacture of specialized Defence vehicles for armed forces. MSPV offers end-to-end solutions, Defence vehicles platform to meet the logistical requirements of armed forces around the world. As a Defence vehicle Manufacturer & Dealers, every day we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ ever-changing needs with next-generation defence technologies and advanced systems. We operate with unparalleled commitment to those who depend on our products and services worldwide to perform their missions. Our expertise, manufacturing strengths, and cost-efficient production also make our products useful to foreign governments and security organizations. We partner with several countries to bring them a range of defence solutions for use by police forces, and Army. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of light, medium and heavy on and off road commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and specialist vehicles for applications such as firefighting, heavy duty off road use, defence and civil protection. We are the largestsupplier of logistics vehicles to the Various Country riding on the success of the tested and proven platform. We moved into designing and constructing our own armored vehicles to become the largest private sector supplier to the government. We’ve now expanded into defence systems. MSPV is an important provider of complete solutions in the market for military wheeled vehicles, covering the entire range of armoured and unarmoured transport, command and role-specific vehicles for the international armed forces. With its combination of renowned, highly qualified and experienced staff, and a unique collection of test and validation facilities, MSPV is uniquely placed to provide rapid, real time and comprehensive vehicle engineering solutions and support to meet any demand. Today, MSPV offers a range of military trucks for all assignments, with exceptional lifecycle costs, performance – and most importantly – crew protection. MSPV customers know that every product we supply is a guarantee of optimum readiness and outstanding system longevity. For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft email on or visit


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