Armoured CIT Van in Egypt


MSPV Armoured Van is a multi-functional vehicle designed to protect and ensure the well-being of the transported individuals and/or contents. The Armoured Van is completely bullet proof. MSPV Have created Armoured Van for civilian use, usually to protect valuables and dignitaries. Armoured Van has an armored shell and cab, and typically is customized on a basic van or truck chassis. These vehicles are designed to resist attempts at robbery and hijacking. Bullet-resistant glass and reinforced shells and cabs are designed to resist bullets from most handguns and rifles. MSPV Armoured Van is a prime candidate when looking for a vehicle that can transport passengers safely and comfortably to their destination.We are here to help you find the best armoured vehicles in whatever your armored service needs may be. We are dedicated to helping you match your specific armored requirements to your business, and strive to provide you with the best value for the money.Come to us for customization, great service and unbeatable protection! For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft email on or visit



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